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Destination Konjic

In the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The legend says about its origin and historians have confirmed that the continuity of human settlement of this area has been lasting for four thousand years. The location is described by the "and" within the name of the State of "Bosnia and Herzegovina".

Konjic is administratively part of Herzegovina - Neretva Canton and the Municipality is geographically one of the largest per surface in B&H. Konjic is adorned by beautiful river of Neretva and Old Bridge, Jablanica and Boračko lake, mountains Prenj, Bjelasnica, Visocica and Bitovinja, all adorned with sprinkled necropolis tombstones, wood carving arts and those who truly love this city - its welcoming citizens.

How to briefly describe Konjic? It's Impossible.

Come and see, come and admire…