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Sport & entertainment

Fitness centre

360-tour lOur goal is your healthy lifestyle and we offer the best environment for the exercise. Modern professional exercising equipment is ready for all of you who want to be well shaped and fit.
Visit us today and with the expert help of a coach, you can choose a fitness program tailored just for you.


360-tour lTennis is one of the most popular sports ... Discover your winning spirit and join the game.

Book your playing on time!

Basketball & handball

360-tour lOn the combined sports ground play with your team ...
We remind you on fair play requirement


360-tour lDuring summer days, find the refreshment in outdoor swimming pool. Relax in a comfortable deck chair under the parasol. Do not forget to apply the appropriate sun protection factor for the skin and „throw“ a big smile on your face!
We have not forgotten the youngest ones – children can find safe and calm spot inside small pool situated next to the half-olympics sized swimming pool.


360-tour lWelcome. Prepare for the ultimate experience in laser tag game!
For the first time in region you have the opportunity to experience what you have, until now, could only see in "Star Wars"!
WHAT IS IN-Zar? For many years developed, training system for U.S. military war simulation turned into a game and top entertainment. Modern warfare simulation named INZar, unlike paintball does not require masks, goggles and extra clothes, and most importantly does not cause pain.
Laser technology with the help of artificial intelligence does all the "dirty" work and provides an exciting and memorable experience. All players receive detailed instructions before the game.

INZar arena: 200 m2
Equipment: laser guns and vests
Duration: 20 minutes
Required: Fair Play

Good feeling - guaranteed! And if you are a winner

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An additional thrill for athletes...

Both professionals and non-professionals will enjoy the field with artificial truf intended for Cageball... CAGEBALL is the new kind of football, and game is played in the cage as the name implies. It was founded on the model of Nike's spot, which was launched during the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, in which the world's most famous football players Ronaldo, Figo, Carlos R., Henry, and E. Cantona appeared.
It is suitable for football, volleyball and tennis. Locker rooms, showers and cafe for the refreshment after game are at players' disposal. Play it with your team!

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American bowling

360-tour lVisit our modern American bowling alley equipped with 2 lanes. Enjoy in game and some quality time with your friends.

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360-tour lBilliard is a place for socializing, entertainment and sports.

Play a game of pool; relax in comfortable surroundings and in good company.

 Table tennis

360-tour lTaking into account the fact that there is no enough space for recreational table tennis playing, and the fact that this sport is very much neglected in recent years, it was decided to provide space for this type of activity.

At your disposal are four tables, placed in an air conditioned room, giving you the feeling of satisfaction when playing during the summer ... We offer table tennis school or organization of the tournament…

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360-tour lGarden City Hotel is a friend of children ... Fun and games in our internal or external children playroom offer a carefree and enjoyable holiday moments both for children and parents! For your kids we offer the possibility of organizing birthday parties with details by your choice... Fun is guaranteed! The safety of your children and fun are guaranteed.

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Nintendo Wii - a revolutionary console that changed the way they play and make video games.

Jump, get fit, start your body while you play some of the most popular games that take advantage of the Wiimote controller!

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